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Welcome to Thrive Fitness by Coach Mitchelle Adagala, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with over 11 years of dedicated experience in the world of health, fitness, and wellness. Mitchelle is not just a coach; she's a transformative force when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. With a specialization in weight management, senior and elderly fitness, running, pre-natal and post-natal exercising, as well as offering expert nutritional services, she is the holistic guide you've been looking for to help you unlock your true potential.

Coach Michelle throughly enjoys her weekly 5-10KM runs, weight lifting at the gym, and outdoor hikes, prioritizing her health and wellness through sustainable daily movement.

Join Mitchelle Adagala, CPT., on this incredible journey to better health, and discover the true potential that lies within you. Get ready to transform your mind, body, and life and witness the power of her expertise in action.

My Expertise

Mitchelle's expertise goes far beyond her certifications. She is an internationally recognized Coach, featured in the prestigious YouTube Black Voices program, where her passion for fitness and wellness shone brightly for the world to see. Her journey has touched the lives of thousands of countless individuals from all corners of the globe, fostering a global community of health-conscious and motivated community.

In Mitchelle's world, fitness isn't just about achieving a goal; it's about embracing a lifelong journey of self-improvement and well-being. Whether you're striving for a healthier lifestyle, have certain physique goals you’d like to achieve, looking to stay active as a senior, preparing for a marathon, or navigating the beautiful phases of pregnancy and postpartum life, Coach Mitchelle has the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way. She offers one-on-one Personal Training Services in Nairobi, Kenya.

Welcome Thrive Fitness by Mitchelle Adagala, where your health and fitness aspirations become a reality. Let’s get started.

Cardio 93%
Nutrition 97%
Weight Lifting 95%



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