Are you concerned about the well-being of your loved ones or even yourself as you age? You’re not alone. Worldwide statistics reveal a startling truth: approximately 40% of senior adults above the age of 65 are completely inactive, while 35% are moderately active.

Only 25% are engaging in regular physical activity. But here’s the good news – it’s never too late to start a fitness journey that can transform your health and happiness. Coach Mitchelle Adagala is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in one-on-one, home-based senior fitness.

With just three sessions a week, each lasting 45-50 minutes in the comfort of your home, you can unlock a world of health benefits. Our tailored programming is designed to:

  1. enhance your physical strength
  2. build stronger bones and muscles
  3. improve stability
  4. reduce fall risks
  5. improve your posture
  6. boost your cardio endurance,
  7. decrease body fat percentage.
  8. improve quality of life.

But the benefits don’t stop there; our training also provides cognitive advantages, lowering the risk of dementia, enhancing memory recall, and strengthening brain neural pathways. You’ll even experience the release of those wonderful happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins.

And let’s not forget the physiological perks, such as

  1. reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  2. better blood pressure management
  3. improved cholesterol levels
  4. a lower risk of stroke
  5. enhanced joint health.

Socially, working out and keeping active allows you to partake in activities you have always enjoyed like attending events, playing with your grandkids, going for a weekend walk trail, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

Invest in your well-being with our home-based training sessions, priced at just $40 or KES. 6000 per session (payment details to be communicated via email). We prioritize your health and safety, which is why comprehensive health screening and a review of your previous health history are prerequisites before we commence training.

Our slots are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Coach Mitchelle is patient, understanding, and dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Our clients range in age from 60 and above, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Before making a purchase, feel free to reach out to Coach Mitchelle via email at with the subject line “SENIOR FITNESS” to address any questions you may have.

Your journey to a healthier, happier, and more active life begins here – don’t miss this opportunity to transform your senior years into the best years yet!


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